How to painlessly leverage your computer for science

For scientists writing code for science has become somewhat of a necessary evil. They are not programmers, and the most they have in terms of programming at would would be an intensive course on Fortran or Python. They rest they just kind of, for the lack of better terms, learn on the job, often with large code based that have been developed or maintained in a similar fashion. You dread doing anything with this code, and it gets worse in time. …

I wanna go undercover. Are you with me?

Recruiting from a hiring manager’s perspective, coming from the horse’s mouth, as told by a friend.

The Background

After getting “laid off” (that’s another story; I will post it later) a few months ago and still no offers in sight, I started scratching my head, looking for possible causes.

For the most part, the jobs I applied to, I felt I was well qualified for. In the mean time, I still maintain a fairly healthy application to first-interview ratio. But after that, I either got the silent treatment or the standard “you-are-impressive-but-we-went-with-someone-with-a-better-fit” message. Most of these same job ads are still kicking…

Tetsuro Yamazaki 山崎達郎

The Little Guy talking about Little Things everyone talks about.

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